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WE ARE COMING! 2021 China Beauty Expo in Shanghai


Established for 26 years, China Beauty Expo is highly recognized as the professional platform for personal care, makeup & fragrances, beauty, health& wellness brands, nail& eyelash brands and related services to develop their business in China. With a consumer population of 1.4 billion and growing consumer base, China has the largest demand for beauty, health and wellness products. Throughout the years, China Beauty Expo has become the gathering spot for the Asia Beauty.

For the Asia beauty industry, China Beauty Expo is the one place where world renown researchers, industry associations and top media outlets come together with domestic and international beauty professionals.  Global exhibitors and visitors gathered annually to discover ways to enter the China beauty market and seek potential networking partners.

We prepared our newest innovative products, including household beauty devices, beauty showers, water flossers and AI mirror. We expect you to experience our high-quality products and services.