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2004 Founded in Xiamen,China.
First industrial park (Plastic) was completed, Floor area 570,000 ft². The world`s largest shower production base,the world`s second largest hose production base.

2005 The establishment of subsidiaries in the UK, France, Brazil, and other regions, Solex began to spread throughout the Americas and Western Europe.

2008 Solex Home Technology Research Institute was established.

2009 Second industrial park (Metal) was completed with an area of 870, 00 ft². It is the most advanced hardware faucet production base in China.

2010 The Third industrial park (Wooden) was completed with an area of 1.7 million ft². Equipped with German Homag.

2017 Solex invested $250 million in Zhangzhou to build a smart industrial park, cover an area of 3.8 million ft², Planned to be put into production in 2019.

2019 Changtai smart factory was completed with an area of 3.8 million ft² and an investment of $250 million. Solex successfully listed.

Four big manufacturing base:

Solex Plastic factory-Floor area 570,000 ft², Annual Production Capacity : 30 million sets

Solex Plastic factory

Solex Beauty & Beauty Health Factory-Floor area 870, 00 ft², Annual Production Capacity of : 6.7 million sets.

Solex Beauty & Beauty Health Factory

Solex Wooden Factory-Floor area 1.7 million ft², Annual Production Capacity of Panel Furniture: 160,000 sets./ Solid Wood Furniture: 80,000 sets.

Solex Wooden Factory

Solex Changtai New Smart Factory-Floor area 3.8 million ft².

Solex Changtai New Smart Factory